A Shop Update!

I know I’ve been pretty quiet lately, and I wanted to update everyone on what’s going on.

I’ve officially put the shop on vacation mode, and will leave it as such until early August. I’ve closed down the shop for a couple reasons, the main one being the overwhelming volume of orders coming in. I am so grateful for the support and appreciate the amount of interest in everything, but I haven’t been able to keep up with orders and need to keep the shop closed until all of the previous orders have been filled.
Another reason is that I’m in the process of figuring out a new way to run the shop. I only just started this business in late January, and it has grown so quickly that it’s become difficult to maintain with only one person. I’m somewhat of a perfectionist and dedicate a lot of time and effort to each order, which isn’t exactly doable when receiving a large amount of orders every week. I’m currently brainstorming a few ideas on how to run the shop more efficiently without sacrificing the quality of my products, which is going to take some time to work out.
The final reason being that the last few months have been a particularly trying time for me personally, between some family issues and some old health problems cropping back up. It’s made it difficult to do much of anything, let alone keep up with a growing amount of orders and messages.
Thankfully my lovely boyfriend has been helping me out lately, but he has his own work to do and I can’t continue to rely so heavily on him, leading me back to point two.

Please just know that I’m doing my best to get all current orders out! If you’ve sent any asks/messages/etc, know I’m not ignoring you!
I’m hoping to get everything caught up and worked out so when I re-open the shop I can hit the ground running and continue to provide quality products for all of my fellow geeks.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported my business, and to everyone who has been so patient with me during this time; I am ever so grateful.

I’ll be sure to make another announcement when the shop is open again.

Poll about new bath things

  • <b> <b></b> <b></b> </b> When it comes to new bath items (mainly talking about bath salts and bath bombs here) would you rather see familiar scents like the Superwholock scents I have, Disney prinesses, etc... or brand new ones? I have a ton of new fragrances that I've been wanting to add and am thinking of debuting a (new) line of sci fi resort themed bath salts(I have a Fifth Element and a Star Trek one so far... and recomendations would be great) but would you guys rather stick to the tried and true? Let us know what you think!<p><p><p>

thisisnotmolly asked:

Hey, have you got any plans to expand your range of perfume oils? Some of the scents for the candles sound gorgeous, and I'd love to be able to wear them (especially the Disney princess scents!)

Yes! I’ll be adding some of the more popular candle fragrances as perfumes very soon, some of the Princesses included.

Also planning on adding some bath salts and bath bombs in the near future. [:

Anonymous asked:

How do you get the labels to stick to your candles and such. Do you like print them on sticker paper or use a label printing company/website ?

I’ve been using sticker paper to print them out at home, but I’m looking to find a place to get them printed for me.
Printing them out and cutting them all out by hand is such a pain, and takes wayyy too long.
I’ve been considering Vistaprint. Does anyone out there have any other suggestions for reasonally priced, professionally made labels/stickers?

timeandspace-moose asked:

Hi :) I just wanted to know if you think that there'll be problems with the chapstick and the lip tint you've sent me on 24 May, because it's really hot in Italy and the order is stuck in the customhouse (don't worry, It's because in Italy our post system is "perfect" as hell, I've already called them to ask for information, the order will arrive next week), I'm just worried that I'll have problem using them! Will I have to put them in the fridge or something else, if they have melted?

Thank you for asking! This is a really important question now that the weather has warmed up (and by warmed up, I mean is trying to cook people alive :| )

If your chapstick/lip tint melted in the mail, DO NOT put it in the fridge. If they are rapidly cooled the oils may separate, which basically mean they get clumpy, grainy, etc.
Instead of sticking them in the fridge, place them upright and leave them to harden somewhere indoors. They’ll cool down slowly that way, reducing the risk of separating.

As long as they’re allowed to cool slowly, they should be just fine. Even if they separate a little bit they’ll still work the same, it just may not feel as smooth when you apply.
I have left some of my lip tints in the car before on hot days (which in Illinois is like leaving them in the firepits of hell) and they spring back just fine. [:

This is also the case with candles and tarts. The wax I use has a low melting point, which means they may melt or soften if left in a mailbox all day. Just sit them upright and leave them to harden indoors - not in the fridge - and they’ll be as good as new!

I hope you enjoy your lippies when they finally arrive! Thanks again for the question!

rainonmywindows asked:

So I just saw the as you wish scent and I'm going to die. I love that movie!!

I love that movie too!! It’s easily my second favorite movie of all time (Ferris Bueller beats it by a hair)
I actually have a couple more Princess Bride themed ideas for scents and chapsticks which I’m hoping to debut soon! [: