lorn0graphy asked:

On your etsy page, your merchandise is very limited and the candles on your tumblr aren't there. I was wondering, are you going to re-stock anytime soon? I'm very interested in buying some, they look amazing!

I’m currently waiting on a big shipment of supplies (the 8 oz jars and some scents that are currently sold out) which should be coming in later this week.
Once I get those, most everything should be back up in the shop.  [:

Anonymous asked:

What will the bath bombs be?

For anyone who is curious: the bath bombs will include Hogsmeade, Gallifrey, Highgarden, Neverland, and either The Citadel (Mass Effect), Florin (Princess Bride), or Han Wavel (Hitchhiker’s Guide)…
If there is enough interest I would also love to add some sugar scrubs at some point..

I haven’t really decided on the fifth bath bomb yet, so if anyone has an opinion I’d love to hear!  [:

t-ristancatladdie asked:

Hello lovely :) I was just wondering if the shop was completely open now? I know you closed it a little while back and I saw a post saying it was mostly open. I just wanted to order some sample candles and lip balms but didn't know of that part of the shop was open :). I'm bored with normal candles and wanted to try out some of your amazing ones :D.

Hello, and thank you for the interest!
The shop is open, though I am not yet completely re-stocked.
I actually just renewed the tea light sample listing, as well as the tints/balms.
I also have all of the scents in stock in TART form, and I’ll be slowly adding their candle counterparts as I make batches of them.  [: